Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beyond Bible 101

As we start a new year, we're also starting a new Bible-reading plan with the kids.  We've gone through our Day-by-Day Children's Bible two years in a row now, and it was time for something new.  No, not the Book of Mormon, not that kind of new.  Rather, a full Biblical account.  No paraphrasing, no omissions.  The real deal.

So far, the following questions have sprouted, mostly from my oldest, all without prompting:

- "Why does evening always come first when it's talking about the days of Creation?"
- "Our image?  Is that like the Lord of the Rings when Gollum talks like he's talking about more than one person?"
- "So woman is just one giant bone?"
- "Why did Adam get to name the animals?"
- "Wait a minute!  Eve wasn't even created yet when God gave the command about the tree.  Did she know?"

In response to my asking why they felt the need to clothe themselves after choosing to disobey God, my 8-year-old says, "Because God wasn't clothing them with Himself anymore."

- 6-year-old: "So before they sinned, they could just eat from the tree of life whenever they wanted?"  8-year-old:  "Yeah, and they could also use its leaves to heal all their wounds."
- "Adam was with Eve when she ate the fruit?  Why didn't he stop her??"
- "Who did Cain marry?" .....  "But that's against the law!"

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