Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Notably Noah

 Noah James
He loves to dress up, whether in costume or in a suit.
His facial expressions and vocal inflections make him a hysterical actor.
He is the leader of the "littles" (Isaac and Josiah).
He has dance moves - somehow he has dance moves...
He is full of personality.
He loves to cuddle.

Schoolwork is mostly a chore for him, although give him some encouragement and
he glows and digs in.   

He has the privilege of being in the midst of everything - not too old to play with the littles, and not too young to be a part of the "bigs",  he can be found frolicking and having a wonderFULL time.

He's the drama king, the ladies man, my most affectionate.

Noah, we'd be a different family without you!  We love who God created you to be!

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