Saturday, November 15, 2014

Been there, done that.

Recently, we took a trip out to NYC where Brian's home office is - a much smaller "we" than normal, consisting of just Brian and I and Moses.  On what is becoming our annual fall get-away, I gear up for the next few months by:

- Addressing all my envelopes for Christmas letters (it was my hope to actually write the letter as well, but this didn't happen).

- Eat.  (For warmth - MN will be averaging freezing temps soon and some extra padding is a good idea)

- Blog.  (And thus, be inspired, once again, to blog more frequently)

- Spend some one-on-one time with my littlest.  (Moses, enjoy it while it lasts)

- Walk. (averaging 4 miles a day, I didn't walk as much as I'd hoped, but I did become aquainted with 5th Ave. and several other streets as accident)

- Christmas shopping (or at least browsing and getting some good ideas - especially for the kids with FAO Schwartz just a couple of miles away)

- Chocolate sampling (Lindt and Godiva both make their homes on my much-traveled route up 5th Ave.  Moses really wanted to go inside and I couldn't say no.)

- Dining out (deserves its own separate category apart from "eat" - because dining out in NYC can be quite the experience, complete with waiters looking like they may be part of the Italian "family".  And did you know there is such a thing as "green-lipped mussels"?  And that our dining experience at a fancy Italian restaurant consisted of me ordering my favorite fettuccine alfredo, described on the menu as "the classic dish served in the traditional manner"?  In other words, I'm boring.)

- Researching where to dine (with so many amazing choices and so much varying cuisine, this can be an anxious task)

- Spending extra time with my husband (and enjoying walking non-chalantly by the Empire State Building thinking, "Yep, my husband, he works there.")

- Have time to decide exactly which shoes I'd like to wear on a particular outing (I brought more shoes than shirts - several pairs I didn't wear even once)

- Listen to the musical I'm directing for the children's choir at church (hotel room neighbors, you're welcome)

- Sleep.  (Sleep.)

- Read. (and lose myself in my book about France to the extent that I actually think for awhile that I am in France - NYC does feel like visiting another country)

A peek into my four full days of vacation.

Loved every minute.

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