Sunday, August 3, 2008

And then!!

The Bible Story Game:

One person starts the story with one sentence.
The next person adds the next sentence to the story.
And so on.

Great way to see how much of those Bible stories your kids are actually absorbing.

Make sure they understand that they need to remain true to the biblical text though.
We were making our way through Daniel and the lions at brunch today and when it was Caleb's turn to add something, he said, "And then the lions ate Daniel all up!"

If little boys got their hands on the Bible:
The big fish would have chewed Jonah up with its long fangs before spitting him out on the beach.

Goliath would have made David into a shishkabob.

Job's problems would have ended quickly with the attack of Leviathon, who would have carried Job off to his cave and ate him limb by limb.

A wild lion would have come out of the woods and eaten Cain after he killed Abel.

Wolves would have taken over the ark and locked Noah and his family in a dark room where they could only hear the howling for the voyage.

Maybe this is just sinful nature responding to sinful nature, but the boys seem to be drawn to the evil characters more than even the heroic characters in the Bible. Maybe this is something that'll go away when the Holy Spirit gets ahold of `em?

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