Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A wretch like me??

God's grace has been shown to me lately in 2 very different scenarios.

1. Our neighbor recently lost her brother in a car accident. She came over and told me about it and asked me to pray for her. I realized that God's grace washes over me when I am used by Him even in this small capacity.

2. Today, 3 strangers stopped and helped me when I hit a large hubcap from a truck dropping tires. One, a woman, actually went back to her home and got her cell phone so that I could make some calls. The others worked to get my spare on - a task that, due to the state of my front wheel, took about a half hour. The woman stayed with me until I had things under control and was about to leave with my police escort. There is no reason for me to believe that these people are followers of Christ (other than this kindness), but God used them to show me His grace in another way. I was left overwhelmed by gratitude and speechless with the desire to do something for them in return.

This just amazes me. And reminds me how much I am loved by God.

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