Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Save the bananas!!

A 10-minute trip to Cub. Perfect length. Especially when each of my 3 children is munching on a free apple. Took about 10 minutes for them to get down to the core. Bless the free apples. BLESS THEM!
The only problem we had was the issue of the red button. You know, the one at the end of the conveyor belt? What kid isn't attracted to that? Too bad, even after many gentle warnings (I was still in my blissful state of not needing to discipline) my food wasn't the only food that got squished. They just go right down the line and push all the red buttons.
And why red anyway?
Usually, a red button is the one you don't want to push at all costs. The one where you wonder, "hmm, I wonder what this does? And you push it, with everyone screaming a silent "NO-o-o-o!!" behind you and running in slow motion. Then everything blows up.
But now they know red buttons as the fun grocery store button that makes the food come closer.


At least they have free apples...


Molly said...

I especially hate the red emergency buttons in the elevators. And of course, all the "do not touch" red buttons are at perfect eye level for a pre-schooler.

Did you know that they give away free cookies to kids at Super Target? I only just discovered this last weekend when Max was having a fit in the produce dept and a nice lady told me about it. (Yes, please give my child who having a tantrum a cookie, that will make it better.) I only had two kids with me so I got one and split it between Max and Eleanor. It solved the screaming...until aisle two, when his half had been consumed and he wanted another one.
I rarely go to Cub, but prefer apples for my kids over cookies. And hey, why don't they hand out free cookies to pregnant ladies?

Beckie said...

I love the free cookie at Target. It's my way to bribe, I mean give Jack an incentive to stay close, not touch things, not whine, get the picture, while we weave up and down the aisles until we finally make it to the produce section and he "earns" his cookie. He also likes the little cheese samples that are often near the fruit. And I agree with you, Molly, on the cookies for pregnant ladies - apples for the kids, cookies for their pregnant mothers.