Monday, August 18, 2008

Camping with the stars

Things I learned while camping:

1. If you're a woman who does not pee in the woods, the bathrooms are always far, no matter how close to the campsite they actually are. Especially at night.

2. I WILL hear wild animals when I get up to go to the bathroom and it's dark, even if there are none in that particular area.

3. Contrary to popular thought, my children are not tired enough to conk out from all the fun right when they go in the tent no matter how late it is.

4. More than 2 or 3 desserts after meals is always more acceptable while sitting around a bonfire.

5. I can comfortably go a lot longer without a shower when camping than I ever could at home.

6. Food tastes great outside cooked over a fire. If it tasted like that at home, I'd never eat it though.

7. It's possible for kids to be too loud, even outside.

8. My children are capable of falling over everything. And they did, believe me.

9. When little kids are the same size, they tend to think they're the same age too.

10. Sleeping in a sleeping bag is like confining yourself inside a gigantic nylon all night long. By choice.

11. My 1 1/2 year-old really doesn't know what a boob is, that's just his word for "tube". Thank goodness!

12. My cleaning compulsion extends to camping.

13. So does my obsessive weed pulling. Do I need to seek help?

14. My 5-year-old does not get embarrassed at anything - even holding a pair of wet undies to dry under a hand dryer in the women's restroom. He could stand there all day. "Yeah, these are my underwear - what's it to ya?"

15. There will always be things that don't get used, but there can never be too many pairs of underwear. I'm talking about the kids here.

16. Chili is better than prunes. (I'll let you put #14-16 together)

17. Apparently my 3-year-old has no shame either, stripping down to all his nakedness as we were about to leave the beach because I told him to dry off.

18. Naps? You've got to be kidding!!

19. My boys love exploring.

20. Camping is exhausting! Even if you don't do all that much.

21. I'd actually do this again.


Molly said...

I would think that a cleaning obsession would be even worse when camping. There's just too much dirt around. I've found that hiring someone to clean the house while I'm on vacation is the greatest blessing! (I was blessed by Brendan's mom with the gift of a few summer house cleanings for mother's day.) At least I can come home feeling clean (for about ten minutes until all the junk we dragged on vacation finds it's way back into the house!) And, I'm totally with you on the desserts around the campfire!

J mom said...

Oh I am rolling on the floor - thanks for the laughs. Camping with young kids, especially boys is always such an adventure isn't it? We head out to Ely this week for three nights and I have to say nobody expects to get any sleep in their "nylons"!