Friday, October 24, 2008


Sam and Caleb usually play together in their room while I get ready in the morning. Lately, it's been trains. The majority of the time, it goes really well, but there's about one major issue per day. You know, the things that really make you mad. Someone else's train is in your way and they won't move it. Someone just won't stop SINGING! Someone just TOOK a train and the other had already said they wanted it! (Keep in mind, they're picking from about 20 different train cars) So today, Sam was getting picked on by Caleb and I'm trying to have a teachable moment of, "Put him first." Move to the other side of the giant track where he can't touch you with his foot. He went back and "tried" to reconcile, but it wasn't working. He came back to me with, "Caleb is not making sense! He said I can go, but then he's blocking me!! He's a - he's (face red, tears, anger) - he's a no-maker-senser!!!"
Meanwhile, Caleb's standing in the hall placidly watching to see what my response will be - completely in the buff, by the way - as he'd forgotten to put undies on after removing his pull-up.
So this morning, we finally just had to pack up the track for the day, as the issue just could not get resolved.
Then we all got dressed.

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