Monday, October 6, 2008

Thumb war

Sam has come to the end. He told us last night that it would be the final night he would suck his thumb.
Two years ago, when we moved into this house, he was still sleeping with his "rag", a soft cloth diaper. Back then, he told us he just needed one more night and then he'd be done. He stuck with it.
So tonight, we tucked them in and prayed with them. Nothing was said about the thumb. I think I'd forgotten all about the vow. 5 minutes after I left the room, I heard a bit of arguing between Sam and Caleb (nothing extraordinary), and then Sam started crying. Brian and I both went into the bedroom in time to hear him sob, "I have to suck something! It's too hard!" Good grief, I'd thought he was just crying about wanting a drink or something.
We told him to try laying on his tummy with his arms under him or under his pillow. Normally he sleeps on his back. He turned over, still sobbing, but apparently determined. "It's hard!" he said a few more times. We prayed for him, asking God to let him fall asleep quickly.
Well, I always knew he was strong-willed! Praise the Lord, there are benefits to that!


Molly said...

I feel his pain. I sucked my thumb until second grade, and honestly, I'd probably still be doing it if it were socially acceptable. :) My sucking thumb even feels different than my other thumb. Poor kid. We've had a couple of kids try to suck their thumb, but Brendan (who sucked his thumb until third grade!) vowed to never let his kids suck their thumbs because he just couldn't stand to watch them have to try to stop doing it. (Apparently, he still remembers the agony of it all, too!) All four of our kids have had pacifiers for a couple of years (Max started refusing his at 10 months so we're a passie-free home right now!!) As annoying as those things are (and they really are annoying!) it's been a relief to say "you're done now" and just gather them up and throw them away. :) (All but the couple I've saved for sentimentality sake.)
It might help for Sam to wear a glove or sock on his hand at night. I remember falling asleep without a thumb in my mouth, but waking up with it in! I guess I'd just slip it in in my sleep.
Sam is a brave soul. Funny thing, too, that he's doing this today because while I was folding cloth diapers this afternoon, I was remembering Sam's rag. So, Sam, from one thumb-sucker to another--you can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any ideas for a boys 8th grade bible study?

Sarah said...

Are you looking to do something with a supplementary Bible Study book or just with the Bible?
Off the top of my head, I'd suggest a "God's Heroes" type study where you hit the ones like Abraham, Moses, Gideon, David and talk about how God used them even through their very human/sinful struggles. Like Gideon and his fear to trust the Lord.