Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where everything's $1!!!

Things I couldn't bring myself to buy at the dollar store, as much as I love it:

10. A pack of gum. Well, tried it once. "Gum"="Rock"

9. A bra. But that's just me.

8. Halloween candy. So from how many years ago is this?

7. Pacifier, sippy cup, bottle. All the "bad" plastic has to go somewhere.

6. A pillow. Where's the number for the chiropractor?

5. Any kind of medicine. I don't want to die.

4. Nylons. Maybe if viewed as "disposable".

3. Perfume. If you want, you can label me a perfume snob for refusing to pay as little as $1 for this product.

2. Tacky knick-knacks of kitties, angels, or dutch people. Why is this a trademark of every dollar store?

1. A pregnancy test. Yes, they have them.

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