Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Studied for my exam

So, I went in for my 12-week appointment today. Here's what I came out with:

Things I just don't care to hear at the Dr.'s office:

1. "So, do you think you'll be done after this baby?" Said by the nurse. Why don't we just concentrate on the baby at hand, huh? Next time, I'm going to say, "Actually, we're going for fourteen."

2. "Have you had any animal dreams yet?" Said by my doctor. Apparently she had animal dreams while pregnant with each of her four children that accurately predicted the gender. Okay...

3. "3 boys! Wow, you're busy." Said by the tech who drew my blood. And about everyone else when they first discover how many kids I have. Can we have a more original response, please?

4. "The doctor has a student trailing her today." Great. Come on in!

5. "So, you're right at about 11 weeks, 4 days, right?" WHAT??? By my count it's 12 weeks, 3 days. And I COUNT!!

6. "So how does this gown work, anyway?" Said by my doctor. I won't elaborate.

7. "I know you just had all this done at your last physical, but we need to do it all again today." No elaborating on this either.

8. "Only 3 more vials to go!" Said by the tech as she's drawing the 5 vials of blood she needs. "Because I'm too lazy to separate it for the different places we have to send it." So do I get a transfusion after this? My blood pressure was a bit low...

The good news is it took about a second to find the baby's heartbeat. That's always a comforting milestone to pass.


J mom said...

Yikes! Maybe you need a new clinic...

Jennifer Mulvihill said...

Ahhhhh, fun times! How are you feeling? The first trimester can be so difficult! At least you seem to be having a good attitude!