Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Biblical legacy

Starting with our first child and moving right on down the line, my husband and I agreed that it would be special to give our children Biblical names. Early in their spiritual education, they have all taken special interest in "their" story, and as they got a bit older, in their siblings' stories as well. As it turned out, we started a trend of giving them an Old Testament first name and a New Testament middle name. Just because it ended up working.

So Sam knows the story of Samuel in the Bible and has also lately become pretty interested in Paul as well. I do think he listens more attentively when his own names keep popping up. And what an awesome legacy for him!

Samuel = God hears
Paul = humble

"God hears the humble"

Caleb is familiar with the story of Caleb and Joshua scoping out the Promised Land. We did find that this is a story that is not widely available in children's book form or even in your typical children's Bible, so it was more of a challenge to expose him to this one.

Caleb = forceful (some translations=dog, which could explain all the growling)
Luke = bringer of light, morning

So Caleb is a "forceful bringer of light". Shine all over the neighborhood, Caleb!
And his one-of-a-kind smile sure gives him the advantage!

Noah has been confused of late when his brothers refer to Noah and his ark and then turn to him and say, "Not you, Noah." Or sometimes he just corrects them and tells them, "I don't have an ark!" He likes playing with his Noah's ark playset and recently got to see the sign of the Promise in the sky - a beautiful, complete rainbow!

Noah = rest; respite
James = supplanter; to follow

"To follow restfully" I guess. Hmmm...being the 3rd child, he has been the easiest to deal with! He gives me rest from dealing with his saucy older brothers.

It was a challenge to come up with such a span of names as we would need upon the birth of our twins - happening in no more than 6 days. But we did it. And we didn't even feel constricted by having to comply with our first name Old Testament, middle name New Testament theme.

For those of you who don't know the names we've chosen, I won't spoil it now when it's so close, but here are some hints:

Remember how Sarah laughed when the Lord revealed to her and Abraham that they would have a son in a year?
Children are such amazing gifts from God!
The Lord has brought me here thus far - apparently I'm super woman to have carried twins this long! Well, God has His hand all over that!
And did you know that there is a name that actually means "twin" in the Bible?

And those are just the boy names! Because what else are we gonna need, right?

I think we'll be more shocked and surprised than anyone if there's a girl in there! But we are prepared...just in case...


Molly said...

Hey! Last time I saw you, you were still thinking on the 2nd middle name and it later occurred to me to suggest "that name that means 'twin'" which I won't say here so as not to spoil the fun. I guess you got the idea yourself. And Clara would LOVE you if you used it because she LOVES that name and always asks if we can name our next baby boy "that name that means 'twin'." Well, she doesn't know what it means, but you get the idea. :) And it is a wonderful name even if didn't apply so perfectly! Way to give your children the names the "ought to have." I wish more people would do the same.
Prayers, Molly

Jennifer Mulvihill said...

I am super excited to hear the names you chose! I love names with meaning, rather than just choosing the latest trendy name. Saying a prayer for your delivery!!!

Lance said...

They will rise up and call you blessed as their name legacies undoubtedly follow them through life.
Esther also was confused this week reading the Noah's Ark story...Because the picture has a bald guy with a white beard. She said, "Noah is a little boy, he not look like that. He is in the nursery, not in the Ark."

Sarah said...

Aaaww - that's pretty cute!