Sunday, March 15, 2009

For when the amnesia kicks in

There are some things I'll miss (eventually) about being pregnant:

* 2 babies!! There is still an unbelieving awe with this.

* Having those 2 babies moving around and pushing each other out of the way.

* HAVING to eat a snack before bed - a substantial snack - mmmm...malts!!

* Prestige of "pregnant with twins" status. I have to admit...

* The drama and anticipation of wondering - WHO ARE THEY??

* Fun with potential names

* Being so considerately waited on by my wonderful husband - of course, he does this whether I'm pregnant or not:) Dishes, making dinners, cleaning the bathrooms, making my malt each evening, putting the boys to bed, even painting the wooden letters I'm planning on putting on the mantle above the fireplace.

* The amazing experience of seeing these 2 on ultrasound each week and hearing their strong heartbeats. Praise the Lord.

* Thinking about how crazy it's going to be and laughing!!


Tony and Heather said...

I agree with all of these things, Sarah ... except that I can't eat before bedtime because I'll get heartburn. :) I just had another ultrasound today, and look forward to having many more in the future! As for names ... hopefully you've been more successful than we feel right now. What a huge responsibility!

Jennifer Mulvihill said...

You're right--amnesia will kick in when you are in the midst of those first few days/weeks at home. I am maintaining with Jay and Asher. I'll be saying a prayer for you as you add twins to the mix of your boys! :)