Saturday, March 14, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel: not another disturbing birth story

In just a matter of weeks, I'm looking forward to:

* Shaving my legs.

* Clipping my toenails.

* No heartburn/indigestion!!!!!!

And thus,

*No sleeping on 3 pillows

*No more bedtime snack of Tums washed down with Mylanta

* Big bowls of cereal for breakfast.

* As much fruit as I want

* And if I want chocolate cake too, I can eat it.

* Getting up off the floor will once again be routine and not considered my daily exercise routine.

* Jeans that stay up!!

* No more insulin shots (I hope and pray)

* I will once again be able to walk at least the same speed as my 2-year-old

* If I want to see my legs/shirt/pants, I won't have to look in a mirror.

* I will be able to wear my shoes.

* My energy level will not be sapped by taking Noah potty.

* No more weekly Dr's appointments, ultrasounds, NST's.

* Oh, well of course meeting the babies!!! That'll be the best part!

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