Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Remember when chores were fun to do?

Ahhh, the benefits of child labor.

My 2 oldest now:

- Make their beds each morning, as well as straighten up their room.
- Clear their own dishes, and sometimes little brother's too, after each meal.
- Vacuum the living room (Sam)
- Sweep under the kitchen table each day (Sam and Caleb - one to sweep, one to hold the dustpan).
- Sweep the filthy entryway by the garage and then wash with cleaning spray (Sam).
- Get Noah up from his nap, change him from a pull-up to undies, and get him his snack (Caleb)

Good thing we're making progress because in another couple of months, I expect they'll be running the house.


sean said...

By "straightening up their room" do you mean "hiding their toys and garbage in less obvious places?"

Sarah said...

Pretty much. But at least Caleb is managing to get his used pull-up into the garbage most of the time now.