Sunday, August 23, 2009

Christmas in August

Uh oh. Something broke. What in the world is that?
I hope none of the boys stepped on it
because it looks kind of sharp.

Make that...

30 or 40 things.
(Insert my loud gasp and horrified followed silence here)

No, that rhythmic crashing in the basement wasn't cymbals, it was Noah throwing ornament after ornament across the floor. Someday when his wife asks him why he doesn't like decorating their Christmas tree with her, he can reference these pictures.

For additional Christmassy fun, can you spot these items in the center picture?
*hot dog
*single, in-tact ornament

A bit of additional information: Noah was in the basement alone with Max, the 2-year-old son of our good friends. Can you imagine the fun those two must have had watching the ornaments bounce and smash all over the floor? One after another...
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Molly said...

I"m so sorry for the involvement Max had in this. I'm impressed with how calm you remained.
I think the best part of the episode was when Noah clarified with Max, "You and me broke them together, right?"

Michelle said...

Wow, this just about beats all!! Noah is definitely a 3rd born. That must've been some of the best fun he's had in his life, though:) This might just be one of his first memories!