Saturday, August 22, 2009

It be flat

The majority of music out there nowadays is MEDIOCRE. That's it. What happened to quality? What happened to excellence? They were put to the side in favor of style, that's what. Because a certain style, the in style, is apparently more important than sounding your best/playing your best. Everyone has to copy someone else's style. Guess what? The beautiful thing about individuality is that everyone comes with their OWN sound. Their OWN flavor. But that's put aside for the IN style. And for mediocrity. Give me some quality music I can listen to and enjoy actual different layers, appreciate the genius of the composer. If you can. I'm not saying that all I can appreciate is "classical" music, but the genius of Bach and Handel is missing in this age of music. I know it's bad when an animated movie soundtrack is refreshing. Have you listened to The Prince of Egypt soundtrack? Amazing - here's an idea for Broadway.

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Lance said...

Maybe mediocrity is their best...I agree with you that soundtracks have some of the better music in my opinion - Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Chariots of Fire. I've pretty much given up even on Christian radio, although 95.3 Praise FM has provided some nice change from the norm on the other twin cities station - there are still the songs that feel predictable and merely a couple inches deep. And not that this means the songs are bad, but there's quite a distance on the spectrum between bad and good or excellent, and I think that's what you're getting at with this post.