Monday, August 31, 2009

True Too Two

He hugs me when I'm sad.
He runs to the babies and comforts them when they cry.
He loves to play "Narnia".
He loves to play the drums.
He loves his older brothers.
He sings opera at the dinner table.
His favorite book is "Going on a bear hunt".
He runs with flair.
He has a contagious giggle.
He wants to know "why?".
He sometimes wears his shirt backwards.
He sometimes wears his pants backwards.
He sometimes wears his...(you get the idea).
He dresses himself.
He loves treats!
He loves doggies.
He loves hair.
He loves to sing - on pitch!
He has a collection of "looks".
He forgets to button his pants. Sometimes.
He's my 2-year-old.
And I'm blessed.

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