Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chalk full of fun

Fun with sidewalk chalk:

* Make shapes close in proximity to each other and write letters or numbers in them. Player must jump to the shape that shows the letter or number you called.

* Make a maze for the trike or scooter to follow. Stay on the line!

* Walk the maze.

* Hop the maze.

* Crawl get the idea.

* Make a giant musical staff and have the player jump to the correct line or space as you call out letters from the musical alphabet.

* Be ready with a rag to wipe out the mouth of your 1-year-old when he discovers that the blue chalk is the yummiest!

* Outline a picture and then have the kids color it in.

* Quiz them on their shapes and have them draw some.

* Take turns drawing animals and guessing what they are.

* Make parking spots for all the ride-on toys.

* Write each kid's name on the ground and then call out names and watch them all rush to stand on the correct one.

* Also works with words. Write simple words for your beginning reader and call out different words for them to stand on.

* Write action words like "Hop", "Clap" "Stomp", "Jump", along a squiggly line, and have them obey the actions as they go through.

* With two children playing, draw a clock. Have one be the minute hand and one be the hour. Call out different times for them to make.

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