Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Scrambled Eggs

A conversation at dinner:

Sam: "What's this white part around the egg called?"
Mom: "The white. It's part of the egg."
Sam: "No it's not! This yellow part is the egg. What's the white part called?"
Mom: "It's all egg, Sam."
Sam: "No!" (Add a lot of inflection) "Then this is the egg and what's the yellow part then?"
Mom: "That's called the yolk, but it's still part of the egg."
Sam: "No it's not."
Mom: "Sam, yes it is."
Sam: "Well if this is egg," pointing to the yellow part, "then this can't be egg too."
Mom: "Yep, the WHOLE THING is an EGG!"
Sam: "NO!!"
Mom: "YES IT IS!!"
Sam: "No it's not!"
Mom: "Sam, your fingers and your head are all part of you, right? But they have different names."
Sam: "No my head is my HEAD. My fingers are part of my BODY! So you're wrong!! See, this white part is different, so it can't be an egg too."
Mom: "Yes, Sam. Who do you think knows more about this, you or me?"
Sam: "You. But it's NOT all egg!!"
Dad: "Just because it's not the same color doesn't mean it's not part of the same thing. Is the outside of your body the same color as the inside of your body? No, what color is your mouth inside? Red, right? Well, your body's not red, it's flesh color. But it's all part of you."
Sam: "Yeah."
And nothing more was said.
Sometimes it takes all of 2 people's patience to deal with this 5-year-old.


sean said...

I'm still confused. Which part is egg?

Brian said...

You forgot the part where, at the end, I turn to you and say "I won" :-)

Sarah said...

All egg inquiries are henceforth to be directed at Brian.

Beckie said...

I'll be sure to quiz Sam tonight. As long as Brian is at the table, there shouldn't be any confusion.

sean said...

What happened during the egg inquiry over dinner?

Sarah said...

Sam still insisted that it wasn't all egg. We dropped the subject pretty quick.