Thursday, July 3, 2008

The story of Turtle and Giraffe

Listening to a conversation between Sam and Caleb in the car tonight:
(They had brought along a giraffe and a turtle - some new toys from Miss Leah)

Caleb: "Turtle, what did you do with your birthday money?"
Sam: "I spent it on sand spots."
Sam: "Giraffe! Did you get a lot of birthday money?"
Caleb: "Yeah, but I threw it away because I was too old because I became a daddy."
Sam: "Well, do you buy things at the store?"
Caleb: "Yeah."
Sam: "Then what do you use for money if you threw it all away?"
Caleb: "Different stuff."
Sam: "You're not an old daddy."
Caleb: "Yes I am."
Sam: "No you're not! Giraffe, you're an old woman rocking in a rocking chair and crying because you're going to die!"
Caleb: "No, I'm an old daddy. A very very old daddy. I'm five!"
Sam: "That's not old!"
Caleb: "Yes it is!"
Noah: "Heh, heh, heh!!" (Deep-throated chuckle)
Sam: "You're one million!"
Sam: "Giraffe, look out the window, quick! I see Wendy, and John and Michael."
Noah: "Heh, heh, heh!!"
Sam: "Giraffe!"
Sam: "Giraffe!"
Sam: "Caleb!"
Caleb: "What?"
Sam: "Get giraffe for me."
Caleb: "I can't. He's dead in his cave."
Sam: "Well, my turtle's Jesus and he's going to resurrect him from the dead."
Caleb: "No, he's dead `cause he's very very old."
Sam: "So? Jesus can heal him."

This is about all the conversation I can recall. Food for thought.

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