Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do you get my point? (I hope not)

The NEW point system:

So we just instituted this like, 1 hour ago.

We read the boys a Bible chapter each night out of their kids Bible. It has a few questions at the end of the chapter, and they take turns answering them. If they get the answer right, they get one point. If one of the kids says "I don't know", the question gets bounced to the other and they get a point if they answer correctly.

Next, the verses. If they say the verse without help AND are able to give a short summary of what it means (this has been previously discussed with them on other nights), they get a point.

If at any time, their behavior becomes disrespectful or obnoxious, especially prone to happen during the prayer time, they lose a point (or two or three...).

Tonight, Caleb earned 2 points and Sam earned 3.

Once they get to 30, they will get a special reward - a new book (Bible-based) or something else designed to promote spiritual growth. Hmmm....a new wooden spoon?


Lance said...

I assume your wooden spoon comment was meant to be funny, and not a subtle hint that the current model wore out or broke. It is funny to me because I've had the same thought.

We are very pleased with the disciplinary rod we obtained from the paint department in Home Depot - they always gave me extra stir sticks when I picked up 25 gallons at a time for the apartment jobs. And they conveniently come in two sizes for home or travel use. The printed decals make it easy for incorporation into a reading instruction strategy (as you covered thoroughly on another post). OK, I probably sound like a salesman so I'll stop.

Consequently for us I think "Home Depot" was one of Hans' first two-word phrases when he was just learning to talk. I suppose that was also due to frequent Daddy field trips.

Sarah said...

No, we haven't quite worn through the current spoon yet, but a variety to choose from is always nice:)
We too have used the stir sticks from the paint section.