Friday, August 1, 2008

Home again, home again...

Well, all the boys are back under one roof.

Noah was very distraught, not crying, just very serious, refusing to look at me when I picked him up yesterday evening. He would just gaze at me very seriously when I wasn't looking at him and then look away when I did look. And he wouldn't respond to anything I asked and wouldn't even accept food from me for awhile (I was trying to share the cheese from my french onion soup - we were at Friday's).
By the time we got in the van to go home, he'd done a complete turnaround and was almost giddy with joy. When we got home, we called Daddy on the cell as he was en route to home after picking up the other two from Des Moines, and Noah was sitting on my lap cuddling almost frantically with me. Like a cat purring and rubbing up against an owner that's been gone for several days. He was reaching up and stroking my hair and rubbing his head against me and smiling. When I rocked him before bed, he held on tightly and kept trying to climb up closer to my face. He wanted his face pressed against mine.

Maybe just one night away for him from now on until he can understand that I'm coming back and when.

On the other hand, Sam and Caleb had a wonderful time in Kansas and I think they could have stayed another month and not been bothered. Even when we talked on the phone, they would say a few sentences and then want to get on with their day. They said they were glad to be home though, and they especially missed Noah. He was pretty happy to see them too!


Jennifer Mulvihill said...

Sounds like they really missed you!

Sarah said...

Well...just Noah I guess:)