Friday, June 21, 2013

Das haus

We made it through the first night.  It was hot!  Everyone was in bed by 7:30, went to sleep fairly quickly, and then we were all wide awake again by 10, feeling like we'd just gotten in a really good nap.  A storm blew in - interesting with a full wall of windows and a bunch of skylights in an apartment 3 floors up.  We're also directly in the flight traffic line, and every time a plane flew over, poor Caleb thought it was a tornado coming and had to run to the window to check.  After the storm, it cooled off considerably, we were able to open some windows (no noticeable bugs even with screen-free windows!), and we got some more sleep.  This little one slept until we woke her at 8:30 the next morning.  After she'd woken up so completely at 10, I was afraid we were in for a long, long night, but she calmed down again and slept soundly.  Thank you, Lord.

Here is our living room, which also doubles as a bedroom.  The landlady provided pack `n plays for both Mercy and Evie to sleep in, so we didn't need to travel with those.  The bed is for up to 3 people.  We prefer 2  to be the maximum.  To the left, you can see the wall of glass doors and windows.

Here's a better shot of the huge living room, with Brian in the background preparing his sermon for Sunday.

Looking from the living room into the kitchen.  A nice-sized table, and 2 buffets.  Under the buffet in the middle, there are 2 small refrigerators (or too small).

From the kitchen, you can look up into the loft window and find a sleeping boy.  It was Sam's turn to sleep on the top bunk last night.

A better view of the set of 3 bunkbeds plus loft.  All the boys LOVED this!  The door leads to a little laundry closet, which I'm sure we'll make use of shortly.

The boys' room.  Complete with toys and books, a futon, and a ladder to get to the very top bunk.

Another view of the kitchen, the weird tv (anyone have any information about this??), a bedroom off to the right, and the bathroom (door open).

More kitchen.  The KIBA team had purchased food for our refrigerator and pantry to last us for a few days.

The view looking out towards the right from our living room balcony.

Same spot, looking out towards the left.

Morning coffee.  Please.

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