Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ich liebe dich, Jesus

KIBA - Day 4
Today was a quiet day for me.  I stayed back at the flat with Sam, who had gotten sick to his stomach a few times during the night and wasn't up to participating in the morning session.  It ended up being a good time to get some extra rest.  Mercy slept until 9:30, so both Sam and I were able to lay down after the rest of the group left and get another hour's sleep.  KIBA continued on, and Caleb did fine in his classroom by himself.
Sam and I went in after lunch so that I could help with the afternoon craft, which was making groggers for our re-enactment of a Purim celebration tomorrow.  Groggers are just noisemakers, shakers, that are shaken during the story of Esther whenever the name of Haman is spoken.  It's a substitute for booing.

Here's the older group praying together.

Being silly during free time.

Parachute games outdoors.  We've only had that one day of rain, praise the Lord!

Mercy and Evie playing together while we practiced our line dancing for tomorrow night.

Our family ate at a restaurant this afternoon where we were commended for our "super" German.  He said he spoke very little English but could understand it spoken.  The menus were in English, which was wonderful!

Next up: The last day of KIBA, line dancing, and a whirlwind tour of Berlin.  Please pray primarily for good health and good rest over the next 8 hours.  Thank you!

Post title translation: "I love you, Jesus"

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