Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wir fliegen - a mother's delusions

A fun adventure on the plane
And lots of rest for us to gain!
Two calm boys
With lots of joy
Sit in their seats a `prayin'.

First we board, amidst kind glances
To our seats, our group line dances.
Listen and wait
Our seats inflate!
So that improves our chances.

A baby crying do I hear?
It's not ours, so we all cheer.
Then quiet please
Upon my knees
She sleeps, I shed a tear.

So comfy we all doze
And maybe watch some shows
He softly snores
Her look adores
And family love just grows.

We dream of quick revival
We'll show them from the Bible
They'll turn from their ways
And we'll all praise
The God Who made it final.

For food we'll all be patient
In our row, there's adjacent
A sundae bar
Some crab to par
And maybe an omelet station.

We'll smoothly land in time
Wake from our sleep sublime
The people smile
We preach awhile
We all walk off to shine.

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