Monday, June 17, 2013

The short answers

Where?  To Berlin.  Specifically, in Pankow, a city made up of many young families bringing up their children without God.

When?  We fly out of Chicago on Wednesday afternoon, arriving in Berlin at 7 am on the morning of my husband's birthday.

Who?  Our two oldest, and our youngest.  Their parents (that'd be us).  Our good friends, Sean and Beckie Starkey, and their oldest and youngest.

How long?  We arrive back in the states on the first of July.

What?  We will be working with a church plant there as they put on KIBA, or what we Americans would call VBS, a week-long day camp for kids ages 3 to 6th grade.

Why?  We're being obedient to a prompting from God to go, and we're so excited to find out more of the why when we're there.  There are possible future opportunities for us in a more long-term scenario in this area.

How?  Well....some trust in fast cars, some in their drivers, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.  (loose interpretation of Psalm 20:7)

For more details, tune in to this blog or visit Travelin' Thru.

Ahead: A 9-hour plane trip with a one-year-old, German songs, American sports, chocolate chip cookies, and line dancing.

So fasten your seatbelts.  Are you ready to share in our adventure?

It's going to be so exciting!

Everyone's anxious to get going.

We're looking forward to sharing how God is working in Pankow.

And if we can trust God to run things, I'm sure we can't even imagine the things He will do.

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