Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guten Morgen - take two!

We're here!  In Berlin, in Pankow.  Although the plane ride didn't go quite like I'd envisioned in my momentary vacation from reality, it did go very well.  Mercy slept for about 5 and a half hours of the 8 hour flight.  Thank you, Lord.  Brian and I didn't get that much sleep, but our main concern was the children.  The boys had no trouble getting comfortable.

We were greeted at the airport by Dave, Manu, and Dan.  After we were herded like cattle through the passport check.  Then we took a taxi-van and Manu's van to our apartment.  Babies travel a bit differently around here.

Highlights thus far:
*Watching Sam, who was wearing his "All Because of Jesus" t-shirt, go through the security checkpoint just behind an orthodox Jew, and just in front of a Mennonite family.
*Arriving at our beautiful, but non-air-conditioned apartment on the top floor with skylights, on a 90 degree day, and having the pastor of the local church bring us some fans.
*Sleeping for a half hour in the apartment.
*Watching Sam, Caleb, and Jack delight in their 3-tiered bunkbeds.
*It's my wonderful husband's 34th birthday today - and he got to start celebrating it 7 hours ahead of time.
*Meeting the people who we've skyped with so much, in person.  And appreciating a bit of how vast the body of Christ is.

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