Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Driving, striving, arriving (first stop)

Having stopped in Des Moines to deliver the 3 "littles" to Papa George and Grandma Sarah (they'll be spending 2 weeks on the farm in Kansas), we continued on to Chicago, where we're staying the night close to the airport in preparation for our 3 pm departure tomorrow afternoon.

Our traveling Mercy did well in the car, but she was as glad as the rest of us to get out and even excited about going to bed.  Night-night, Mercy.

Here, we see that a blizzard and surfing can actually go quite well together.

And now we say, good night.  We're planning on getting up early - 4 am early - preparing a bit for the time change ahead.

Dreaming of lederhosen and wiener schnitzel...

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